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General Info

Good stuff

Jan van der Steens Pages --- Lots of info on go

Go FAQ --- Frequently asked questions about go for the newsgroup

Mind Sport Zine --- An excellent, but unfortunately no longer updated site.

Rafael's Go Page --- Another go site with lots of useful info.

Sensei's Library --- A collaboration web site. Read and contribute!

Go News --- News and games from the professional scene

Turn-based go guild --- Meet other turn-based go players

Hikaru no Go --- A manga about go. Recommended!



An Interactive Introduction --- This is a very nice site to learn with.

Introduction --- Very well written introduction by the British Go Association.

How to Teach Go --- This is all you need to get started. Very basic stuff

Scot's Go Page --- This is more in-depth.


Strategy and terms

An Introduction to Shape

Go Problems --- Working through these can help out your game.

Go Teaching Ladder --- Submit your games for comments to see where you might have played better.

Common Japanese Go Terms --- You have to know what other players are talking about.

More Japanese Go Terms --- Translated and explained.



A Brief History --- For you people with short attention spans.

The Extended History --- In case you're an aspiring know-it-all.


Go books, equipment and software

Annotated Go Bibliographies --- A large collection of go book reviews

Slate & Shell




Het Paard --- European shop


Other go servers

It's your turn --- Also turn based. Has several other games.

Kiseido Go Server --- Server with java interface

IGS --- A large server for realtime play

NNGS --- An open sourced go server

Server list --- A more complete list of servers

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